Who We Are

About us

As a Specialised Business Analysis Services consultancy, we work across various economic sectors with a wide variety of clients. We have worked in the commercial and government sectors in industries such as Infrastructure, FMCG, Software Start Ups, Education, Application System Integrators and other IT Firms.

 We have firm Operating Principles to ensure tangible capability in delivery outcomes with flexibility in analysis approach, solid planning and customer focus at all times.

SmartBA Values


Honesty and integrity with client engagement are ideals we live up to every day, and it’s how we approach every project.

It's also a necessity for building good customer engagement a strong & resourceful community.

Community Building

We’re committed to enriching the communities we work alongside.

By viewing the people we work with as part of a community we enhance the human experience and opportunity to learn & share each others point of view.

Continuous Learning

We are always looking for ways to improve outcomes and experiences.

We take the opportunity from each engagement to identify what can we do better and utilise these learnings to a customers benefit. We give back

SmartBA Founder

James Barnes

CPA & FGIA, Member of IIBA

James has a strong understanding of business operations, analysis, and business partnering after years spent in senior accounting and project delivery roles. He knows the financial numbers matter, and he knows that it’s real people who will get your business where you want it to be. Over the past 15 years, he’s moved into projects focusing on strategic outcomes and delivery with a human-centred mindset. Solutions always have a human impact, so that’s why he is also dedicated to developing business communities that can bring strong alignment  between platforms, people and processes

Peace B Salami

-Majesty Arising Professional Services Solutions-

James Barnes is very engaging in his approach to support upcoming talent in their endeavours. His rich experience and insight into the industry are a huge asset to him, and his ability to transform experience as a mentor has had a real impact on my development so far. For example I came to understand strategic enterprise viewpoints and apply stakeholder frameworks to manage difficult stakeholders and an overall improved stakeholder engagement process.

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