Business Analysis with a Human Impact

We believe that Defining the Problem is half the Solution and we recognise that the other half is the team of People at the centre of every business. As much as we rely on IT to track data, solve problems, improve business functions, and everything in between, it’s still real people behind the scenes, and it’s real people who are affected by the outcomes. IT has a human impact that can’t be ignored. It’s a tool that’s only as useful as the people and process behind it. The business process framework brings alignment between people and IT tools, whether its operational functions or meaningful reporting for decision makers.

SmartBA believes in the connection between IT Platforms, People, and Processes, and it’s that mindset that drives our consultancy forward and sets us apart from other firms.

Professional Services

We can provide services from project conception to design, delivery and then outcome measurement. We like to ensure our work meets the objectives required by you.

Our Team Brings:

  • Enterprise & Business Unit Level Analysis 
  • Project Management & Governance
  • Strong Business Partnering and Engagement.
  • Soft skills in elicitation and stakeholder sensitivity.
  • Prioritisation of user experience from the top to bottom of an organisation.
  • Identification of early change management determinants to improve solution adoption.

With Project Management and Business Analysis services we ensure strong business engagement, management and governance throughout the project lifecycle.

From an IT Platform perspective, we incorporate our business analyst skills to assist you with IT Systems planning. We specialise in understanding business needs and converting those needs into IT requirements. We add real value to your IT solutions by also developing operational process frameworks that ensure maximum  people alignment to tool functionality.

Resource Provision

Do you want to minimise the time to hire and maximise hiring the ‘right’ person for your team?

Smart BA provide a first class candidate screening process that creates high engagement through the onboarding process for the candidate, and a streamlined process for the client. 

  • We work from a pool of well qualified suitable candidates established over many years.
  • We put candidates through a rigorous interview process before they are shortlisted to a client. The process will ensure both technical alignment and ‘soft skill’ abilities.
  • These candidates are mostly a part of our community and can access mentoring and coaching provided by SmartBA, adding to the technical & people skills they already have.

Our process supports and enhances both the human and technical qualities that contribute to a successful job candidate. 

SmartBA’s method will reduce the interview time process and increase the ratio’s of successful candidates.

Evolving the Community

We want to grow with the community. SmartBA believe in enhancing the collective skill set of business analysts & project delivery professionals - not just within SmartBA, but in the wider professional services community.

We provide skill enhancement programs that include:

  • Communication
  • Interviewing & Workshop Facilitation
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Spoken accent reduction
  • Technical Skills

Instructional workshops and programs are provided online or in person.

We also mentor other BAs through the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) network

We have established a LinkedIn group called SmartBA's an Australian based group for Professional Business Analysts - where we discuss business analysis topics with other professionals.

 Come and Join us at the Group or follow our Company page on LinkedIn

Matthew WoolastoN

EDSICO Associate Director, IT Projects

Professional Services

“James Barnes worked for me at a large government agency to help with the adoption and stabilisation of new Finance business processes after migrating ERP systems (SAP).

The project was able to reduce organisational risk by imbedding financial control measures into the new business processes as well as producing a financial control register used by management during audits to demonstrate compliance to policy. Other benefits included improved efficiency from the reduction of process times and decreased effort for key finance processes such as Month End processing, Annual Forecast and Management Reporting.

James played a key role managing a team of Business Analysts to refine and imbed the new business processes associated with changing ERP solution. James was able to quickly build the trust of both management and business subject matter experts due to his demonstrated understanding of their needs and how to best use the new ERP tool.”

Paulina Oliver

Candidate Experience

As a contractor for approximately 10 years I have dealt with a large of number of Employment Agencies, and Smart BA was one of the best experiences that I have had. Smart BA took the time to understand the client, their specific needs and matched my skills and capabilities with the client's expectations.

While engaging with me, they understood me as a person to ensure my values and abilities matched the client’s requirements.  During the whole process I was informed of each step and the progress of my application, which was unique and beneficial to me, as from my experience this is not a common practice of many Employment Agencies.

I am pleased to say the client and I are a great fit, thank you Smart BA.

Contact SmartBA to learn more about our Services. 

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